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Memorial Cremation Ash Art

Memorial Cremation Ash Art

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Our memorial service offers a simple and compassionate way to honor your loved ones. Upon ordering, you'll receive a collection kit, including a secure jar and easy instructions. Just a teaspoon of ashes is all we need. If you prefer, a friend or family member can assist. Return the kit via USPS Priority Mail Express (shipping cost approximately $27). Trust us for a seamless process to create a lasting tribute. 


Starting with a gather of clear glass our glassblowers craft each unique piece with care. Using clear molten glass, we blend in your chosen colored glass frit and manipulate it to create a beautiful pattern. The ashes are then encased, resulting in distinctive white flecks, occasional dark spots, and captivating bubbles. After shaping, each piece is carefully placed in our kiln to cool, ensuring a truly exceptional memorial.

                              COMBINED ASHES

When asked upon request we can combine cremains from multiple people or both pets and people into a single piece. 

                              ONE OF A KIND 

Embrace the beauty of uniqueness. Our handmade items are all individually crafted and one-of-a-kind. While they'll resemble the photos, anticipate distinct variations in shape, color, and size. The artisanal process ensures that each piece is special. 

                               TIME FRAMES 

Order times may vary. Please be patient as our small business creates your memorial art. Once we have received them it will take 2-3 weeks to complete your order and have it ready to ship or picked up.

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