Collection: Group Events & Team Groups

Celebrate any special occasion with our captivating glassblowing group events! Perfect for birthdays, wine tastings, family gatherings, and corporate functions. Customize your experience by providing food and beverages.

Every guest, ages 6 and up, will discover the enchantment of glassblowing. Our skilled instructors will guide each participant in crafting a unique hand-blown glass piece. Items are ready for pickup the following week, or shipping can be arranged.

Please note, Bookings vary by availability; plan midweek events with a minimum requirement, while weekend events can accommodate up to 25 people. Larger groups typically require 1- month in advance booking. 

Don't see an option that works for you or your party size? give us a call and we can give you a quote that works for your size of event.


After the creative process, allow some time for the pieces to cool. They'll be ready for pickup within the following week, or we can arrange shipping for you.