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Private parties/Events 15 Blow Your Own 6 hour event

Private parties/Events 15 Blow Your Own 6 hour event

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Ever want to blow glass? Ever want to blow glass in the comfort of your own home? Or at your wedding, birthday party, private parties, or even at your graduation party! Well, look no further and let us bring the shop to you and transform any party or event to a once in a lifetime experience. I am dedicated to sharing the love of glass and giving the best experience. I have a unique mobile set up and a 3 in 1 device with a special attachment, the annealing tube. With the annealing tube, I am able to get all annealing of glass products done in an hour and half! At the end of the day, everyone gets to take home their own homemade piece of glass.


Setup takes 4 hours.

Shop time 6 hours.

Break down 1 hour. 

Electricity on site unless noted in advance extra charges may be included

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